I have a blog!

Hello! I'm Louie and being in lockdown, I have been so utterly bored that I thought starting a blog would be a good idea to assuage the boredom.

Disclaimer: This is mostly a tech blog around front end development, I may pepper it with inane musings and random side projects that have no consequence. You have been warned.

Who are you?

A little bit about me #

I'm currently a Senior Front End Software Engineer at Amigo Loans, living in Bournemouth and fascinated with front end development (Shocker!). I
graduated from Bournemouth Uni in 2012, and been in tech for about 5 years, working for a digital agency and now in the loans business.

I began with jQuery and AngularJS at the height of the front end framework boom, did a dissertation on the best framework to use (which I regret because there was no source material until a couple of years later 😭) and now solely work with React. I've dabbled with other frameworks on side projects so I can keep up with the front end maelstrom so I have a decent knowledge of Vue, Angular, Svelte and those old timers like Backbone and Knockout.

I also have a passion for websites that are beautifully designed. I started out as a designer-ish (only a year), having made the mistake of thinking that 'drag + drop' websites were how you made websites. Thanks Moonfruit and Dreamweaver. I was introduced to the concept of web design when I religiously played Neopets creating my store front and there was a fad around 2005 when you could make your own chaotic website using Piczo. Anyway, after Uni taught me that you actually have to write code to make websites, I moved towards JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

In terms of back end development, I've mostly worked with C# at all the companies I've worked at and currently playing about with the viability of Blazor. So there may be some posts appear about that, stay tuned for that!

Current tech focuses #

To save you the time of checking whether this blog will be useful, here are the things that I'm currently working or have interest in:

  • React + React Native
  • Webpack
  • TypeScript
  • ES2020+ JavaScript
  • CSS
  • C#
  • Blazor
  • Open source development

Open source all the things #

With so many developers contributing their free time to open source, and having used so many of these projects, I felt compelled to also open source some of the projects I've worked on.

  • 🤖 use-list-transform - A React Hook for handling array manipulation. The project came out of having to repeatedly having to implement search filtering logic in every project I was working in. So this hook makes it really simple to reuse the same logic as well as support asynchronous filtering (i.e. if you were to use a web worker).
  • 🔍 BlazorIntersectionObserver - A Blazor wrapper around the IntersectionObserver API so you don't have to write any JavaScript to interface with the API. It also provides some convenience components to reduce the amount of code you have to write.
Hey... look I'm @(context != null && context.IsIntersecting ? "in view": "out of view")
A little example

Random side projects #

One of the motivations for starting the blog was to also detail some of my partial side projects that haven't seen the light of day. I think these will be quite helpful as tutorials as they provide use cases for using and combining APIs to produce something pointless but fun to make!

It's not all about code #

When I'm not coding, I've got a couple of interests that I've tried to ensure are as far away from tech as possible to prevent burnout (also, just to clarify, I'm not going through a midlife crisis):

  • 🎮 Gaming - I say gaming, I just play Warzone every evening. Also, I sometimes get the nostalgia to play Age of Empires or Starcraft.
  • 🇬🇷 Learning Greek - This is the only New Years Resolution I've ever kept to... I've been learning Greek for the past couple of years (If you tweet it's all greek to me I'm going to block you). βοηθησε με σε παρακαλω, το κεφαλι μου ποναει.
  • 📜 Ancient History - No, again I'm not going through a midlife crisis. Not sure how to say this without it coming across as pretentious but I do enjoy reading ancient books from "historians" like Herodotus, Thuycidides and Xenophanes. Interesting fact, did you know Xenophanes book "The Anabasis" inspired the Warriors film? It's not interesting but you did read it so I win.

And that's it! #

Thank you for reading this introductory piece... I know it's not much but it's kicked off the blog. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on twitter.

A blog post always needs to end on a quote

Louie Colgan